Western District of North Carolina

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

March 26, 2012

Steven G. Tate, Trustee
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Dear Internet Users:

Thank you for your response to use of our internet site at www.13network.com.  It appears that most of you have been able to extract useful Chapter 13 case data.

Please be reminded of the following facts:

  1. The site is updated daily with the previous day's activity.  It is normally updated by 10:00am ET.
  2. Normally debtor receipts received on one day are posted the same day to our lockbox.  However, payments can be heavy during the month so that at times not all payments received can be entered in the same day they are received.  In addition, there could be a delay of a few days between receipt of the money by the bank and the actual crediting of the receipt to our system and this website.
  3. The data on the internet site can be as many as two (2) days old toward the end of the calendar month during the time that we are updating the system for debtor disbursements.
  4. The site can be shut down at our discretion.  Most of the time we have a message denoting that the site is down and an approximate time that it will be available.
  5. Occasionally the entire internet site can be down without our notice.  This normally means that the web hosted site or your internet service provider is experiencing problems.
  6. Status reports can be printed in LANDSCAPE mode.  This is in the same form that we could have faxed to you.
  7. Blank proof of claim forms can be retrieved from our internet site.

Remember that use of the internet site is intended to be an extension of the services that our offices can provide to the debtor, attorney and creditor communities.  It is recommended that internet information utilized to execute a legal proceeding must be confirmed with our office staff who has access to real time data.